2. Final Idea

First I settled for the idea of how the society has changed and one of the ideas I came up with was about the society today and what we have became but the title was a bit loud, it screamed out for some real strong images which would have needed more time and preparation to successfully execute it. The title was ‘This is not what they were fighting for’ and I really liked this strong message the title brings across. However I thought I put myself unrealistic challenge which would be hard to execute unfortunately, not saying that I want my project to be super easy but definitely want it to be somewhat realistic in the frame time given. The idea was to focus on anti-social behaviour and the loss of the sense of the community among general population. It would have included things like littering, poverty, drug and alcohol abuse, binge drinking, obsession of the media and technology etc. I still like the idea but again after discussing it with people it was hard to decide what actual images am I going to produce and even if I cover all those issues across 20 images, would it make sense as a whole? Would it be a strong message to people? I thought that it wouldn’t be as strong and it wouldn’t answer to my title while people would expect more or perhaps I am  just not too brave. So I decided to change the title to something less provocative to something like ‘What used to be precious’ and still cover those subjects I listed above. But not only the audience would be confused at the end I really confused myself at the beginning. I didn’t know where to start and always doubted that it will be quite a challenge to cover all those subjects in one piece of work. So I decided to narrow it down to something I am more passionate and concerned about, which is homeless people and people in poverty.

I probably repeating myself here but I always look away if I don’t have any spare change and it always breaks my heart seeing people in the freezing cold sitting on the streets. There many too many occasions where I would stop to talk to them, give them some change, buy them some food and sometimes just chat. Once on the Lincoln’s Festival Fireworks I noticed a homeless person with a dog, enjoying the fireworks and his dog was too afraid of the noise, he grabbed his dog and run away leaving all of his bags behind. Since I am a passionate about four legged friends too, I just couldn’t walk away. I went to stand near his bags while my boyfriend went to find the man and it turns out he had two bags full of expired bread from Polish shop and he just left it because of his dog. So we brought it back to him and he nearly cried how thankful he was. Perhaps, some of them will spend their last change on alcohol but some of them won’t, I prefer to avoid judging straight away.

At the moment I am trying to contact local charities and organisation who deals with homeless people and people in poverty, such as Framework, YMCA Lincoln, Nomad Trust and the Acts charity who provides local food banks for people in need as my starting point of my project. Tonight I am also going for a walk around the town with some friends in-case I will find someone who I can talk, which I will write about later on. But for now I am going to concentrate about research.


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