Photography Project 1

Perhaps not the most exciting part of the blog, but it has to be done and it’s a nice and easy way of getting actually started on my blog. Since I was telling myself for the past 2 months that I will start tomorrow. I am in my last year of media production course and have been asked to create, research and produce a photography project. It will have to start from the right beginning, with the most boring stuff such as ‘Assessment Criteria’. So here we’re are.

We are required to produce an advanced concept led media project of our choice. I am expected to produce a project to a high standard with little to no supervision, but a professional feedback from the group and the lecturers if there’s a chance of such activity scheduled. There will be 5 different grading cafeterias: 1. Written Proposal (10%) outlining an idea/contract between me and the university lecturers, 2. Production and Research File (10%)- which is basically this blog as well as Reflective Journal (10% research conclusion), actual completed Media Project (10%) and Critical Evaluation (10%) which all would be seen on my new lovely blog.

So let’s get started!




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