After numerous times of going out and basically trying to find some homeless people in Lincoln, I realised that probably the situation in Lincoln regarding homelessness  isn’t that bad if I can’t find them.  From one side it is brilliant since they have where to stay, but my work isn’t progressing. Today, I am going out again as I try and go out at different times to catch them if today I won’t see the result. The idea probably will have to be changed. I have organised a Dinner4Good to support homeless people and planning on hosting a charity pub quiz soon as well as other fundraising activities in name of the charities. If it happens I will have to think how to focus my project on about fundraising in name of homeless people. Wish me luck!

A quick update

Before heading out to town, I decided to ring to all the possible charities to seek some help as the deadline approaching quickly. England Shelter unfortunately doesn’t have an office, so I rang YMCA who are gladly willing to help. Same night I met some homeless people too, who shared their stories with me. One man in particular, he explained how he is struggling to get by and the complications behind social benefits which he can’t get because he doesn’t have an address, so basically there’s no way out. The councils can’t help him because his situation is not an emergency one. For the shelter for the night is only £3 pounds which is easily earn able from the public donations, but you can only get there before 9, but usually people on the streets give more at around 9 and later.


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